There’s a new shirt in the works.

The one in question is a T-shirt, but the tagline is “The Baguetterys logo” – which is pretty clever. 

The T-shirts will be available at the Baguette store, which has a T-Shirt range that also features a number of other things, including the logo shirt.

The T shirt is made from 100% cotton polyester, which is super soft and comfortable.

There’s also a subtle black-and-white print, and the sleeve is also black and white. 

If you don’t have the funds for this shirt, you can order one via the Baua store for £15 ($20).

If you’d like to buy a T shirt, it’s worth noting that the brand’s brand ambassador, Pascal N’Guzman, is working on an ad campaign for the shirt.

So theres definitely a lot of work ahead of this. 

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Bauas Twitter account for the new shirt