I have played at every international festival and festival series in the UK since 2012, but my love of music has never been more evident than at this year’s Great Sound Festival.

It’s no secret that many of the performers at this event are women, but it’s something that I’ve always found myself wanting to share with my fellow female bagpipe players.

As a male, I know how much of an honour it is to play alongside a female in an intimate environment and how special it is when a female musician plays alongside a male performer.

The festival is known for its female-focused performers, and the fact that there are so many women and people of colour on stage is incredibly important to me.

At the festival, it’s really about the performers and how we as musicians are allowed to bring a different perspective to the art form.

I’ve also always found that it’s a great opportunity to hear some female voices on stage, and this year I’ve been able to witness some of the best female musicians in the world playing with each other at a festival.

Being a female performing in an international event is a privilege that I have never had before, but I think it’s one that I’ll never be able to fully enjoy again.