It’s a great time to be a musician in Australia, and there are plenty of bagpipes to be heard around the country.

Here are the 10 best performers of 2018 so far. 

Here’s a list of some of the top performing instruments in Australia.

Bass, guitar, electric guitar, brass, mandolin, banjo, banjoleer, trombone and clarinet: Here are the top 10 performing instruments for 2018.

Bobby Sands: Bobby has played the trumpet in all but one of his 17 appearances, and has a stellar solo career with the Bauhaus and the New Wave. 

The Bauhuis’ first album was the 1975-76 edition, and they have released six more studio albums, including 1978’s The Art of the Comeback. 

His latest, The Future is Now, has sold over 100,000 copies and has been certified Gold by the Australian Academy of Music. 

Bartley Cooper: His guitar playing has been described as “exquisitely refined” and “brilliant”, but it’s hard to imagine someone as highly talented as Bartley Cooper playing a bagpiper. 

This is why it’s amazing that he’s one of Australia’s best bagpipers. 

He’s a former member of the American folk group The Byrds, and he’s a legend in the UK, where he has sold out many of his gigs. 

On stage, he plays an electric guitar called the Beattie, which is also known as a Beatties-style guitar. 

While he may not have the best singing voice, he’s also a great soloist, and the sound he makes is breathtaking. 

Bob Dylan: Bob is an American guitar virtuoso who has a large following in Australia with his solo albums. 

However, he was born and raised in Australia and has an Australian accent. 

In the 1950s, he wrote songs and recorded music in Australia that he played in New York and England, but he didn’t perform much. 

That’s why he is often referred to as “the man with the bagpiped voice”. 

He also played the drums in The Beatles, and even recorded some songs in the style of the folk and blues style, including the song The Little Drummer Boy. 

David Bowie: David’s most recent solo album was a collection of songs about his life in London. 

A lot of his songs are about his family, but the most well-known song on the album is “Blackstar”. 

David also recorded a number of albums with The Rolling Stones, including 1975’s The Blue Album, and in 1980, he recorded a new album called The End of the World, which was released in 1992. 

Bruce Springsteen: Bruce has toured extensively in the US, as well as Japan and Europe, and was born in Canada. 

Many of his singles have been sold in America, but his biggest hits include “Born to Run”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, and “The Promised Land”. 

John Lennon: John was born on the third of May, 1962, in London and is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. 

John’s songs include “All Along the Watchtower”, “Imagine”, “She Loves You”, “Yellow Submarine”, and many others. 

Kanye West: Kesha is the lead singer of the West Coast hip-hop group The Beatles and has sold millions of records. 

She is one of many people who have sung about Kanye’s music, and she has had a successful solo career. 

Her solo albums have sold over 50 million records worldwide. 

Guitar: Gordy has been a professional guitar player since age 10 and played in the band The Beatles for a time.

In the early 1980s, Gordy began writing and playing in a small band called the Blue Album. 

One of his first hits was the song “Rock Bottom”. 

His career in music is a long one, but now he is a successful musician. 

Django Unchained: Drake has made a name for himself as one half of the rap duo The Weeknd, and for his music as a solo artist, he has made his name with hits like “Hotline Bling” and his new single “Blessings”. 


Cole: J Cole has been in the game for over 10 years now, and is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter. 

Cole has a number in the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and his newest album, the Black Album, is currently at number one on the UK chart. 

JAY-Z: Jay-Z is a rap star who has released several albums over the years. 

From his debut album in 2000, “The Blueprint”, he released several more albums, some of which are now out of print