Legendary bagpipers John McLaughlin, James Blunt and Paul Simon were among those to perform on the show.

The show has been making waves in the music world since the summer of 2015, when it aired on ITV.

The series has also seen a number of high profile stars from across the globe join the cast.

Here’s everything you need know about these extraordinary performers and what they have to say about their music. 

John McLaughlin’s solo debut in the show is a blend of classical, jazz and reggae. 

James Blunt’s guitar is both a source of inspiration and a source for his signature guitar solo on the Outlander show. 

Paul Simon’s distinctive bagpipe style has made him one of the most sought-after guitarists in the world. 

He has played the guitar on several TV shows, including Outlander, and was recently honoured for his contributions to the film Outlander. 

This is John McLaughlen’s solo bagpipe on Outlander Bagpipes James and Paul in the Outlanders Bodysuit James plays a bagpipe with his son, Sam, as his partner, Sam in the series. 

Sam is the best friend of James and Paul and is also the best man James ever has. 

In this outlander scene, James plays a classic bagpipe solo with his brother. 

Outlander: John and Paul on the set of Outlander The show is the culmination of years of collaboration between James and producer David Gandy, who have collaborated on the script and a number, including The Queen, and written the show’s scripts and musical score. 

The Outlander bagping series is one of several BBC1 dramas set in Scotland. 

They have also filmed in Scotland, including the film A Crown for the King, which won the Scottish Film Critics Award. 

What to know before you watch Outlander:  The first two episodes of the series are available on Amazon Prime Video. 

For more information on Outlanders, watch Outlanders and Outlandish on the BBC iPlayer. 

Image source Mashup Images