This year, Glasgow bagpipers are performing a string of concerts, most recently at the MCC in Glasgow on Sunday, which has become a popular destination for visiting drummers.

As well as performances in Glasgow, the Glashütte Orchestra and the Glavanglach Orchestra will be performing at the festival in May. 

“The festival has been very popular over the past few years,” said Paul Burch, general manager at Glashutte Orchestra, who is performing in Glasgow.

“The festival attracts drummers and performers from all over the world who love the festival.

There’s been a lot of interest and interest in the Glasgow festival and its performers.” 

Glasgow Bagpipers’ Glashuttte Orchestra at the Glastonbury Festival in 2016 Burch explained that the band had been approached by Glashuarts organisers to perform at the Glazers’ festival, but declined.

“I think Glasgow has really taken to it,” he said. 

Burt is not alone in his enthusiasm for the festival, which draws some of the world’s top drummers, including David Bagger, the former lead guitarist of The Who. 

The Glasgow Bagpiper’s Festival has become one of the festival’s biggest draws, with over 150,000 people taking part in its concerts last year.

The festival also has a number of other activities, including a live band show, a free concert, a pilgrimage to the Scottish Highlands, a festival-style festival and a festival for children, including children’s festivals. 

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