A bagpipe enthusiast is one of the few people on earth who can accurately pinpoint the best Irish bagpipe players.

Alexandre Morton, an associate professor of music and classical composition at University College Cork, spent several years researching the best in the world, and finally compiled a list of the top ten.

The result is the Best Irish Bagpipe Chansters, published by Music Ireland in 2017.

The list includes names like Patrick Brouwer (who, as a member of the Irish Bagpipers’ Association, has played at festivals in Europe and the United States), Andrew C. Scott (who won the 2017 World Bagpipe Championships), and James G. Williams (who played at the 2017 American Bagpipe Festival in Colorado).

The list also includes artists such as Brian Eno, the British composer of music such as Requiem for a Dream, and Dáil Éireann member Michael Gira.

There are also some names not on the list, such as John Deacon, a Scottish bagpipe and jazz composer who died in 2013.

But the fact that the list includes so many great Irish bagpipers has to be a great testament to the artistry of bagpipe playing in Ireland.

Morton said he wanted to know how many people were playing bagpiper, and he ended up recording recordings of players playing over 100,000 times over a three-year period.

The researchers came up with an overall list of 100 players, and the top five were all Irish.

The list includes some names that might surprise you.

Patrick Brouer, from Kildare, is on the top of the list for his outstanding bagpipe performance, with over 1,400 recorded sessions, and is currently playing at the 2018 National Bagpipe Conference in Dublin.

His bagpipe style is called “bouffant”, a form of bagpiping where the string is pulled back to create a resonant tone, which is one reason he’s so famous.

The most famous Irish bagper is Patrick H. Collins, who won the World Bagpipes Championships in 1996.

Maurice Pritchard is the second-best Irish bagpie, with 2,900 recorded sessions.

His music can be found in numerous works of art, including The Complete Bagpipe Music of Maurice Pritchett, the work by Thomas J. Moore and the works by J.S. Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Gustav Mahler, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There are also records from his own band.

The third best bagpipe player is Andrew C Scott, who played at many festivals around the world including New York City, Chicago, and Boston.

Scott’s bagpipe is called Bouchon de la Bouché, a style of bagpie that has gained popularity in the United Kingdom.

The song that is used in his bagpistles is called Oui, a bagpipe song with the name of the famous Irish band The Dallagho.

He has also been heard on several Irish recordings.

The bagpipe section of The Bagpipe World is an ongoing project, which has recorded recordings of hundreds of Irish bagpiemen and musicians.

There’s a ton of great music out there, and many of these players have been playing for many years.

I think that’s what makes this list so great, and I’m excited to see how it continues to grow.