An Irish bagpipe enthusiast, who has a collection of over 200, has revealed how he began playing the instrument around 20 years ago.

The Irish Bagpipe Association (IBA) has been collecting bagpipers for the past 20 years and is working to preserve the instruments.

“I’m a collector so when I started collecting the instruments I wasn’t sure how I would go about it.

I had no idea what the sound was going to sound like, what it would sound like if I put it on the stage, or if it would be played by a woman,” said Irish bagpiper Paul McElroy.”

It was just a question of where I was going and what kind of person I was and what I wanted to do.”

Then I started going to music festivals and I got really interested in bagpiping and I went to the Northern Ireland bagpipe festival and it was such an amazing experience.

“The bagpipe was born out of a desire to explore what was possible and create a piece of art that reflected the journey of the Irish bagpie.”

There’s no doubt there’s something very special about the bagpiped, it’s just an instrument of exploration, a very simple instrument that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“We’re trying to keep it accessible to anyone who wants to listen to it and play it and maybe even learn more about it,” Mr McElry said.

The IBA has been working with the National Museum of Ireland and has been using bagpipettes to display pieces of art from the history of Ireland.

“They’re not just a piece that sits in a museum, they’re an instrument that is part of our heritage and they’ve been used by thousands of people over the years and we want to make sure that they continue to be used for the right reasons,” said Mr McEllry.

The bagpiphone is a long, thin instrument made from a combination of bamboo and metal.

Its shape means it has a lot of flexibility and the strings are attached to the top of the instrument and the bottom is attached to a rod.

“The idea was to have a bagpipe that you could actually play and play with and there’s no real limit to the number of instruments that you can play with it,” he said.

“You can play it with a drum and a trumpet and it can play in any kind of music, there’s nothing really stopping you from using it in any other way.”

The IBC has been trying to preserve and preserve bagpigs and has set up a database to help it locate the instruments that have been recorded by artists.

“One of the things that the bagphones are famous for is that they’re a very versatile instrument, so if we can find the right instrument we can have a collection that is truly a piece from the bagpie’s history and the bagpi is that instrument,” Mr MacEllry said.””

The bagphone is really an important piece of music and it’s an instrument to preserve for the people who use it, to give back to the community and hopefully one day we can do a piece where you can have one of those.