On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made no bones about his anti-pipe crusade.

In a speech last September, Trump said that “the bagpipers, and their instruments, are not worth the paper they’re written on.”

In August, Trump vowed to “re-write the bagpiper code,” which is now part of the US Constitution.

And in October, Trump tweeted that “bagpipes should be treated like other instruments,” and that “if a bagpipe is played, it should be played well.”

But on Tuesday, Trump made another anti-pipes pledge.

“I will be on my anti-bagger list,” he said.

“If I see one, I’ll be looking for it, because I think they’re worth a lot of money.

And I think bagpiping should be worth a whole lot of dollars.”

Trump also tweeted, “If a bagpicker is playing, it is a waste of time.”

Trump said bagpickers were “worth nothing” but “were very cheap instruments,” which he said were used “for the purpose of getting rich.”

He added, “I’ve seen some of the instruments they play and I’m very, very impressed.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment on the anti-bagspiper pledge.

But the Trump campaign website shows that the Trump administration has taken measures to combat bagpiling.

In April, Trump issued a memo directing departments and agencies to “implement a comprehensive plan to address the threat of bagpiking, including the prohibition of the manufacture, possession, and sale of such instruments.”

And in March, Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to develop guidelines for the treatment of bagpipe instruments, including banning the production, distribution, and use of them.

The Trump administration also said it was “investigating” and “exposing” the sale of bag pipes, but the White House did not provide details.

But a Trump campaign spokesperson told The Washington Post that “a ban on bagpipe manufacture, sale, and distribution is still in place.”