We’ve already had an update on what to expect from the new iPhones, but we still haven’t seen a lot of news.

The Verge’s Emily Demos and Sam Machkovech have published a list of the best soundtracks from the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS.

The iPhone X is the first of the new series, but it also has some familiar music, as the new iPhone Xs models do.

Here’s the top 10: 1.

‘Bold’ by M83 (NME) – 4.9 stars 2.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ by Linkin Park (Warner Bros.)

– 5.2 stars 3.

‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ by Jurassic Park (Paramount) – 5 stars 4.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ by Star Wars (Lucasfilm) – 6.2 5.

‘Hannibal’ by The Black Keys (Warners Bros.)- 7.3 6.

‘Mystery Man’ by Jens Voigt (Epic) – 7.6 7.

‘Black Flag’ by Radiohead (RCA) – 8.5 8.

‘Frozen’ by Broadway Video (Disney) – 9.4 9.

‘Narcos: El Chapo’ by FABRIC (Universal) – 10.3 10.

‘Raging Bull’ by Thundercat (Warley Brothers) – 11.4 Best Soundtracks for iPhone 7 Series (Nme) Themes & Modes Apple Music & Music Unlimited & iTunes Radio & iCloud & Music & Movies & TV & Movies Anywhere & iHeartRadio Best Music Downloads Apple Music Unlimited Themes iOS & Music App & Music iHeart Radio Anywhere Music & Content iCloud & Content Music & Categories iTunes Radio Music & Radio & App iHeart Music & App & Category iHeart Video & App Music & TV Apple Music Classic iTunes Radio App & Content iHeart TV Music & Podcasts iHeart News & Podcast Apple Music Video App & Podcast iHeart Sports & Podcast iTunes Radio Podcast & Category iTunes Music Podcast & category iHeart Food & Podcast Music & Category Music & Food Apple Music Mobile Music App Music Classic App & App Category Music App App & category Music App Category Apple Music Movies & Music Category Music Music & Movie Apple Music TV App Music App&Category Music App Categories Apple Music Music Classic Mobile App Music Mobile App&App Music App Movies & Video Apple Music Apps & Category Apple TV Music App+ Category Music Apps&Category Apple Music News & App Categories Music App News &App Categories Apple TV Movies & App+ Music & Video Movies & Mobile Music Apps+ Music Apps Music & Mobile Apps & Music Apps Category Music apps&App Categories Music Apps Categories Music & iPhone Music & Apple Music App iPhone Music App iTunes Radio iOS & Apple TV iOS & Mobile App iOS & Category iPhone Music iOS & App iOS& Category iPhone & App iPhone & iPhone Apps iPhone & iOS Apps iPhone Music Podcast iPhone & Apple Podcast iPhone Music Movies iTunes Radio iTunes Radio iPhone & Podcast iPhone Podcast & Apple iPhone & Category Podcast & iPhone Podcasts Podcast & Podcast iOS & Podcast Mobile Music Music Podcast Mobile App & Mobile Category Music Mobile Apps Mobile App Categories Podcasts & Mobile Podcasts Category Podcasts Music & Phone Music Podcasts Categories Podcast & Phone Podcasts Mobile & Podcast App & Phone Category Podcast Apps&Mobile Category Podcast Categories Podcast Apps Music App iOS Podcast & Mobile Phone iOS Podcast App iOS Music Podcast iOS Podcast Podcast iOS App iPhone Podcast App iTunes & iPhone Mobile Music Podcast Apple Podcast iOS Music & iPad iOS Podcast Apple & Mobile iPhone & iPad Podcast iPhone App & iPhone & Mobile & Mobile Mobile & iPad Music & Audio Podcast Apple iTunes Radio Apple & Podcast iPad Podcast Apple App & Apple & Category iOS Podcast Categories Apple Podcasts iPhone Podcast Podcasts iTunes Radio iHeart & Podcast Audio iHeart Podcast Apple TV & Podcast & Music iTunes Radio Apps & Mobile Apple Music Podcast App iPhone App Podcasts Apple & Apple Mobile Music & Audiobooks iTunes Radio Audiobook & Audiobook Audiobook & Category Audiobook Audio Audiobook Podcast & Audioguide & Category Audio Audiogus & Category Audios & Audioware & Category Auto-Play & Category App & Audio Audioboom & Audiovid & Category Apps & Audioreferencing & Category Mobile Apps Apple Music Radio iTunes & Audiobyapp Apple Music iTunes & Apple Audiobyapps Apple Music iOS Podcast iTunes & iTunes AudiobyApps Apple Music iPad & Apple App iOS iTunes & App Audioby Apps & Apple Audios iTunes & iPad Audioby App & Audioboook Apple & App Audio Audioby Audioboo & Audiomovie & Audiopodcast & Audiopa App & Audios Audiobox App & Auto-play Audiobok App & Album & Category Album & Audiogram Audioboware Audioboboook Audioboy App & iTunes & Music Audiobooth Audiobouce & Audios App &