How to get your bagpipe into your life

When I was a teenager, my father was a well-known pipe and music player.It was his hobby and, for the most part, he was quite successful.I remember the first time I heard his bagpiper music, a string quartet piece called “Fell In Love.”It was beautiful, full of notes, and so beautiful that I wanted to […]

Which of the country’s bagpipers are you listening to?

This is the article for all of you bagpiper lovers out there.A number of Australian music companies are bringing in some of their favourite drummers and percussionists to perform with them in the hope that the bagpiped sounds will make them fans of the artists.One of those is Kerry Dance Bagpipers, a band from Adelaide […]

What’s the most expensive bagpipe you’ve ever bought?

If you’re looking to upgrade from your bagpiper’s old bagpipe, you’re in luck: there are tons of cheap, used, and new models out there.Check out our top picks for the best of the best.