‘Bagpipe tunes’ playlist is full of music by Australian Bagpipers

The bagpipers are back with a new collection of songs inspired by the sounds they hear around them.The tunes are all available to download on the APN’s YouTube channel, and you can find them all in the playlist below.A sample of the bagpiping tunes:

How to play the spanish Bay Bagpiper on the big screen

The world of music has always been a place where we have the opportunity to see and hear new things, but we also have the potential to hear the old.With the big music festivals coming to our shores, the chance to see something that has been around for decades but never really seen the light […]

How to learn to play guitar for your life

When I started playing guitar I was amazed at the amount of information about playing guitar that I could get on the internet.Now I spend all my free time on YouTube, Youtube.co.uk, YouTube.com and YouTube.co, and there is a lot of information on guitar playing.You can read all of the information that I am able […]