When the music stopped, bagpipers started, says bagpipe legend Peter McCallum

Peter McCallsum was born on July 4, 1871 in Newbury, Berkshire.His father died when Peter was three and his mother when he was 15, and his grandfather died when he left school in the mid-1930s.Peter went on to become a schoolteacher in the town of St Albans.After his father’s death in the early 1960s, Peter […]

All-Time List of Bagpipes History: “I’m Not a Bagpiper”

By Chris Lutz | 9/15/2016 – 11:02:00This is a very fun and informative article to look back on in the Bagpipers history.It’s not the only time in the history of bagpiping that the name of the bagpipe was changed, but this time it was a matter of national pride and national recognition.The bagpipers name is […]

‘Wet work’: A tale of two bagpipes

A bagpipe legend and his bagpipers have come together to create a new genre: the wet work of a bagpipe player.“It’s been an amazing journey,” said Robert Kallenberg, an avant-garde artist and musician in Washington state who has collaborated with the Bagpipers since 2009.“I’m still learning the craft.”The Bagpipes’ new record, The Waters, was recorded […]