What you need to know about scottished instruments from bagpipers to scottishes

You might not know much about scotched instruments, but the bagpipe scale is one of the best-known.You can learn about it here.The bagpipe is a two-handed instrument, with an upright scale, a bass-style neck, and two pickups.The scale is constructed from a block of wood or an animal hide that’s then wrapped around a pole […]

How to mix bagpipes scale and bagpipers tunes on the scale

Bagpipes scales are usually played at scales as varied as scale #5 to #10, but many bagpipe players prefer to play them at a fixed number.So, how do you know which scale to use when?Bagpipers scale is the first scale in the scale system and is considered the most common scale used by the bagpipe […]

How to Make a Bagpipe Scale from Bagpipes

How to make a bagpipe scale?The answer is simple.It’s not as difficult as you think.We’ll show you.

Why are bagpipes getting bigger?

The average person will play about two to three songs a day, but in Australia it’s more like 10 to 12, says musician and performer Paul Hine.“The number of people who get their hands on a bagpipe is so high it’s just amazing,” he said.“I get asked why are bagpipe scales getting bigger?”Mr Hine, who […]