How to Make an Awesome Bagpipe Music Video

By now you know what the bagpipe is.You probably already know the rules, though.The rules: the bagpipes must be played in a certain pattern.The bagpipe must be the sound of a pipe, not a melody.And if you want to make a bagpipe, you must play it in a particular style.The styles vary depending on the […]

How to Create a Bagpipe From Scratch

A lot of the time, you have to go through a lot of research before you can get your hands on a bagpipe.I was a big fan of the VSTi in the early days, but it never quite caught on, so I tried a lot different sounds in my free time.As a result, I created […]

I have bagpipe, but I haven’t played a bagpipe

Bagpipes are known for their musicality and for their use in jazz, blues and classical.They have been around for centuries, but many people are unfamiliar with them and some don’t even know how to play one.Here are some things to know about the bagpipe.What is a bagpiper?The bagpipes originated in the U.S. in the late […]