How to bagpipe learn a little better

In this first part of a two-part series on bagpipes, I’ll cover the basic concepts of bagpiping.This first part is a very basic introduction.I hope you will enjoy the video.I’ve also added some extra tips and tricks as I progress.This series is intended for beginners.Please note that bagpipers should already be familiar with basic fundamentals […]

Why Bagpipes Should Be A Professionally Owned Business

Bagpipers are now a recognized profession in many states, but it took some time for bagpipers to truly take off.The first bagpiper was actually born in the 1800s.A bagpipe teacher, James Trenchard, started the first professional bagpipe class in New York City.A few years later, the first class was held in New Orleans.In 1883, John […]

Godess of Bagpipes Lessons: ‘Bagpipes can’t be just a way to get out’

A bagpipe lesson for children ages 6-12 is not what it sounds like, but a bagpipe class for the whole family.The bagpipe teacher is looking to instill a love of the instrument into children.“It’s a great way to engage with the kids and it’s not a bad way to learn,” says the bagpipe instructor, Susan […]