How I Got My Bagpipe Music from My Grandfather (Part 3)

This article is part of the series “How I Got my Bagpipe Musically from My Granny”.It is an excerpt from my book “How to Get Bagpipes.”You can buy the book here.In this first installment, I talk about my grandpa, who lived a full life of music.┬áMy grandfather, a musician by profession, had two main musical […]

The bagpipes of Bagpipers

Bagpipes: A History of the World’s Most Popular Music.This book covers the history of the music, from its origins in England to its current popularity in America, Europe and Japan.The book is by Professor Michael G. Hines, an American professor of history at Georgetown University.It includes a brief history of English bagpipe music, a glossary […]

A new bagpipe tradition from the Old West

It’s not the bagpipes that are the Old Western phenomenon; it’s the cowboy.The cowboy, after all, was the most famous and well-known of the frontier men, a man who had fought and died in the great American war.In the 19th century, his name was William Wayne Travis, but he was more popularly known as “Old […]