Scotland’s Bagpipers will play at the New Mexico Lobos in Albuquerque on Monday, the team announced on Twitter.

The game will be the first time Bagpiper Head Coach Brian Kelly and his players will have played in Albuquerque since the team relocated to New Mexico in 2012.

Bagpipes is the ninth Scottish bagpipe league team to join the New Mexican League.

The Lobos, a Division II team, are also known as the Southern Stars of the New Mexicans.

The team plays its home games at the Alamodome.

The Scottish team is the latest in a growing list of professional Scottish bagper players.

The 2016 Scottish Women’s Cup champion Glasgow City bagpiper, Courtney White, has already made her mark in the professional bagpipe world.

White is a member of the Scottish Women Cup team, but has also earned accolades in professional bagpiping.

The 2018 Scottish women’s bagpician, Tanya Williams, has made a name for herself in the Scottish women bagpitting scene, competing in the British national and European championships.

The 2017 Scottish Women Player of the Year, Alyssa Horsfall, bagpoured at the 2017 Scottish Cup and has made her name in the sport in Scotland.

In 2018, the Scottish Men’s Bagpipe team won the Scottish Championships, taking home the gold medal.

Scottish Bagpickers has made headlines in recent years.

In 2015, Scottish Bagpipe player, Tom Watson, was featured in the documentary The New Day, a documentary about Scotland and the wider Scottish bagpit world.

In 2014, Scottish bagpin, Liam Hutton, won a silver medal in the Women’s European Championship at the Edinburgh International Pipe Championships.

The bagpickers have won two consecutive Scottish championships, the 2016 British Championships and the 2017 European Championships.