Real Madrid have won the UEFA Europa League after beating Barcelona 2:1 in their final group match.

Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos scored twice as Real Madrid edged Barcelona to become the first Spanish side to win three major European championships.

Marca spoke to Barcelona coach Josep Maria Bartomeu about his side’s success, their aim to win more European trophies, and the role of Lionel Messi in his team.

Marc, who was also the manager of the Real Madrid men’s team, says Lionel Messi is the best player in the world, with Neymar and Karim Benzema as the next best.

Marc said: “I think we had a great game and that’s why we were able to reach this point, because of the work of our players.

We’ve been playing with a lot of energy, energy, focus, but when the match came, we were a bit too relaxed, too relaxed in the first half, so it was difficult for us to get back into the game.

It was a tough game for us, but the result was important, especially the fact that we won, and it’s a big result for us because it means we’re not behind.

I’m very happy for the players, for the staff, and for the fans.

It was a very hard game for everyone, especially for Messi and Ramos, but they deserve to win.

They were not playing their best football, but Barcelona didn’t make many mistakes and we played well.

Marc Barreiro/Getty ImagesThe Real Madrid manager Josep Martínez said: I’m proud of the performance of our team, and we had the right tactics, and that gave us a very difficult game to play.

We had the chance to score two goals in the final seconds of the game, which would have been a huge scoreline.

The last five minutes were not easy for us.

We played well and that allowed us to win, but we were too careless and lacked concentration, which is why we lost.

We didn’t take our chances well.

We were too slow in the build-up.

It’s a good result for Barcelona because it confirms that they’re in a good position.

They’ve won the Europa League since 1996, and have been in the Champions League for seven years.

Barcelona have won four of their seven matches in the competition, but Martínec’s men have struggled to win since losing to Bayern Munich in the last 16 in 2015.

Marc has been a long-time supporter of Barcelona, having played for them at Camp Nou from the age of 12.

He scored one goal in his six matches for Barça as a player in La Liga in 2017-18.