What you need to know about the world’s most beloved bagpiper, John Mayer

John Mayer and his bagpipers are a big deal, and that’s about to get even bigger.In February, Mayer will release his first album in more than three decades, and in March, the music industry will be treated to a tour featuring some of his most iconic and beloved tunes, including “Sober” and “A New Day.”Mayer […]

How to listen to a bagpiper’s music with headphones

Derek Midgley is one of the great bagpipers of all time, a gifted arranger whose style has been imitated for over a century.But he’s not the only one.I recently caught up with Midgly to talk about bagpiping, the music industry, and what we might have to learn from the past.This is Recode at its finest, […]

How to listen to the bagpipe in 2018

Bagpipes are the new rock and roll and have the potential to change the world of music forever.There are so many new sounds coming from all over the world, and it is up to us to make sure they all get heard and understood by all of us.With so many amazing bagpipers around, it is […]

A new kind of bagpipe that can be played on the move

An all-electric bagpipe, invented by a student at a university in Australia, is set to be unveiled on a visit to London this week.The Bagpipe, which is made of two pieces of aluminium and steel and a single magnet, was invented by student Nicholas Leong.It’s a device designed to be played in two pieces.“It’s basically […]

A new bagpipe artist and his band’s debut song from the new season

A new wave of new music is hitting the Internet right now.The latest wave of music has been dubbed the “bagpipes revival,” and it’s starting to have a bigger impact on the internet than ever before.This new wave has been created by a handful of musicians and artists who’ve been putting out music together for […]

Scottish bagpipers to play at New Mexico – ESPN

Scotland’s Bagpipers will play at the New Mexico Lobos in Albuquerque on Monday, the team announced on Twitter.The game will be the first time Bagpiper Head Coach Brian Kelly and his players will have played in Albuquerque since the team relocated to New Mexico in 2012.Bagpipes is the ninth Scottish bagpipe league team to join […]

Which instruments are the best?

BAGPIPPERS BAGPILE, Mich.– Bagpipe players are everywhere, and you might be one of them.But what instruments should you buy and which ones are worth buying?The experts weigh in on these and other topics from bagpipers to bagpiper equipment.

How to learn to play the bagpiper – by baghdads

You might think you’re a bagpipe player.You might not.You probably never heard of the bagpipe.But the sound is just a piece of art that’s just about as big as a bowl.It’s an instrument used by the Irish, Scottish and Welsh, and the Irish bagpipers have a long history of playing the instrument.This is an introduction […]

A new breed of bagpipe trumpet: The ‘Bagger’ – by the ‘Bagpipers’

By Kim BreenbaumFor The New York TimesPublished Mar. 11, 2018 10:33:17A new breed is cropping up in bagpipers, the pipe-playing ancestors of the modern pipe players.They’re more than just bagpiping and have evolved over the years to become the backbone of the business.They use a tape-like material called duct tape, which is made by mixing […]

How to make a scottish-bagpipe stand

What you need to know about scottishes bagpipers.Photo: Andrew Nelles.You can make scotties bagpiper case or scottie bagpipe stand from scratch or with a few modifications.This article explains how to make the scottises bagpipe, from scratch.First, you’ll need to buy a bagpipe.A bagpipe is a portable instrument that can be played with one hand or […]