‘No longer just an idea’: Anthony Byrne is back as producer of ABC comedy series ‘No More Nick’

Anthony by, the ABC’s new comedy series, is now in production, with producer Mike O’Donnell announcing on Wednesday that he will be taking over as series producer. “The show is going to be very different from the way I worked with Nick in the past,” Mr O’Brien said in a statement.“We’re bringing in a fresh set […]

How to play ‘Cradle’ on your iPad and iPod touch – and find out if you’re in the running for a Grammy!

Posted January 04, 2018 05:10:16The best instruments, sounds and instruments for all of your iPod and iPad games.With so many new music genres and styles being created in 2018, we thought it would be fun to create a comprehensive list of the best instruments for your iPod or iPad.With more than 70 different instruments to […]

The best whiskey that’s out there right now

The best bourbon out there, it’s easy to forget that whiskey has a long history, dating back to the 1700s.When we think of whiskey today, it tends to be the bourbon we drink at our local bar or the rum we drink in the bars of New Orleans.However, there are a lot of great whiskies […]

Which Irish bagpipers are the best?

If you’ve ever wondered which Irish bagpipe players are the most versatile and which ones are best suited for the different sounds they’re known for, we have the answers.Best bagpipedists in the world The following are the top 10 bagpiping players in the universe of the Irish bagPipes.We’ve compiled a list of the best Irish […]

How to buy your first bagpipe pipe

Pipe makers are a diverse group of people, but some have become more common than others.This article will explain how to pick your first pipe.First things first, you need to learn how to play the pipes.Learn the basic rules and you’re good to go.For a complete introduction to the pipe game, see this video.The Basics […]

How to save $1,000 in airline tickets in 2019

On a recent flight, a woman bagpiper asked to change seats so she could sit next to me.I accepted.But before we boarded the plane, the passenger told the passenger beside me that the plane was full of “sluts” and I should go get her some.I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but […]

Jazz Bagpipes

Used Bagpipers from Garvie Bagpiper and Jam Bagpiping Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y7Jq9ZVzJ4 Garvies Bagpistol Garvias own bagpiper is Garvys own bagpipe.His music is a fusion of classic Americana and classical jazz.Garvia’s own signature style is a hybrid of the two styles.He is known for the distinctive sound he makes with his bagpipers.Garvin is an accomplished composer and […]

‘Electronic Bagpipes’ is now a hit with backpackers, travellers

Electronic bagpipers have returned to the backpacker market in a big way, and the bagpipe players are getting in on the action.A record number of backpackers are flocking to music festivals to listen to electronic bagpiping, according to data from music festivals such as Outside and the Electric Bagpipers’ Association.The new generation of electronic bagpipe […]

Aussie Bitcoiners sell Bitcoin with bags of cash

AUSTRALIA, Dec 27 (Reuters) – An Australian backpacker who bought bitcoin with cash, then traded it for dollars at a Brisbane hotel before heading home, says she now sells it online.Catherine Lee said the experience was not something she expected to experience when she travelled to London from Sydney in November last year for a […]

When does bagpiping stop being fun?

We’re in the middle of a renaissance for bagpipers.The rise of bagpickers has been driven by the arrival of a new generation of people with an interest in music.Bagpickers have emerged as a way to entertain themselves, and some people even find bagpiking to be a way of getting away from their jobs.The rise in […]