Anthony by, the ABC’s new comedy series, is now in production, with producer Mike O’Donnell announcing on Wednesday that he will be taking over as series producer. 

“The show is going to be very different from the way I worked with Nick in the past,” Mr O’Brien said in a statement.

“We’re bringing in a fresh set of ideas, with a new style, and a new cast, and I’m excited to see how this all plays out.”

The challenge is to make it all work for everyone, but it’s the people who make the show that really matter, and that’s what we want to do.” 

Mr O’Reilly said that Mr Byrnes experience as a TV producer would be “absolutely invaluable” in his new role.”

There are no expectations of what the show will look like and there are no commitments from me as to when we’re going to start filming,” Mr Byrae said.”

It’s been a privilege to work with Nick on the show, and it’s great to be part of it again.” 

The ABC’s series will be produced by Mr Oren, with the executive producer for the new series being Matt Bomer, who has previously worked with Mr OReilly on projects including The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.”

He has a terrific sense of humour and a great sense of style,” Mr Bomer said.”[But] the best way to describe the show is a new take on Nick, a very different kind of character.

“Mr Bomer is a former member of the production team for The O’Dohertys comedy series The Last O’Farrell, which aired on ABC One in the mid-1990s and had a recurring presence on the channel from 1996 until 2007.”

Matt Bomer was the producer for The Last Farrell and he is a very funny man who has a great ability to pull off a funny story,” Mr Anthony said. 

Mr Anthony said the series would be set in the same world as his old work, with many of the same characters, but “it’s got to be slightly more grounded, with some more of a grounded feel”.”

It has to have a more real sense of reality to it,” Mr Melanson said.

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