By now, you’ve probably seen or heard the new Applejack song “Bagpipers.”

It’s a gorgeous, melodic guitar riff, and I’m a big fan of the guitarists of the 90s and early 2000s, but I can’t help but wonder if the bagpipe was once a viable instrument.

While it has its own unique sound, I found that the bag pipes were actually quite useful for playing some traditional styles of music.

And now, thanks to the amazing work of composer and musician Aaron Zaremba, we have a bagpipe video that explains just that.

Zarembas music for “Bags and Bagpipers” is actually a video of a bagpiper performing his bagpipe solo.

The video features two bagpiping students, two of the main characters, and a guy playing the bag pipe.

This video is great because the students are very different.

The students are all in different stages of learning, but the first two are all really talented.

The two students playing the pipe are a great example of this, and Zarembs video is a great introduction to what it’s like to play a bag pipe solo.

If you’re new to playing a bag piper, I recommend you watch the video, because it’s really well done.

Zareb’s students are great, and he captures a lot of their energy.

But I think one of the most powerful things about the video is the instrument itself.

The pipe is very small, and the students can’t really play much of anything.

They’re able to play along, but not really sing.

Zarenmbs is using a traditional style of bagpipe playing, and this is where he comes up with a unique approach.

The video is incredibly well done, and you get a great sense of the students abilities as well as their instrument.

Zares students have the confidence to get up and do something impressive, and it’s definitely a nice touch.

The bagpipe is a beautiful instrument, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation for it than this video.

I can see why people might be interested in learning how to play it, and if you want to learn more about the instrument, Zarebermbs videos is a must watch.

You can find the video here.

Check out some other awesome things you can do with the bag pipes on YouTube.