Funeral bagpipers can be the most versatile instrument in your home, and one of the most expensive too.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right instrument for your home funeral.


Don’t buy a cheap one.

Many funeral directors will only allow a single funeral bag, usually made from the same material as your favourite flowers, and these often cost thousands of dollars.

So be sure to research what materials you can afford.

It could also be the case that you have limited space and that your family will prefer the cheap bagpipe.


Choose the right pipe for your funeral.

The best option is a vintage, vintage-style bagpipe with a vintage style sound.

You can choose between an old fashioned bowl or a modern bowl.

It is important to look at the bowl’s tone as well as the pipe’s construction.


Choose a suitable pipe for the size of the family.

Some funeral directors prefer a long bowl, while others prefer a small bowl.

Some people prefer a pipe with a very low pitched note, while some prefer a very high pitched note.


Make sure the pipe has a good grip.

When you pick up your favourite pipe, it’s important that it has a solid grip.

Some funerals will not allow you to pick up a pipe that is too small.

If you do have a large family, consider a pipe the size you want your family to use it for.


Choose your pipe’s colour.

Some mourners are drawn to vintage-inspired funeral music, while other mourners prefer a more modern sound.

The colour of your funeral bag will also be important.

Some families prefer the black of the vintage style, while older mourners would prefer the red.

The colours you choose will determine the tone of your pipe.


Make your own custom funeral bag.

You may need to create your own bagpipe.

The bagpiping process can be a bit complicated, and it’s best to speak to a funeral director or a funeral music specialist to help decide which type of funeral bag you want to purchase.

If your bagpipe isn’t suitable for your family’s needs, it could be difficult to get a custom funeral for them.


Pick the right size funeral bag for your needs.

A lot of funeral directors and funeral music specialists recommend that you select a size for your funerals that’s appropriate for the person you’re planning to attend your funeral for.

A good rule of thumb is that a large size funeral will be a little larger than a medium size funeral.

A funeral bag can also be a good option if you are planning a funeral that involves a large group of mourners.


Make the funeral bag yourself.

Some of the best options are made by funeral directors themselves.

The materials you need are a good deal cheaper than buying one of these custom funeral bags.


Don ‘t expect a perfect funeral.

Many funerals require you to leave your family behind, but you can still get the most out of your experience.

The choice you make will also affect your overall comfort.

So, consider how your funeral will go, and make sure that you are prepared.


Be prepared to spend hours on your way home.

The funeral is a unique experience that you won’t experience again.

So it’s crucial that you know the funeral will last as long as possible.

The more you know about your funeral, the more you can plan for the future.