Inflatable bagpipe makers in South Korea are having a field day making these tiny pipes from plastic and metal.

They are now selling for more than $30,000 apiece on the online marketplace.

There are some who call these pipes the most beautiful on the planet.

A recent YouTube video shows an inflatable plastic bagpipe made by the Korean-based company Bagpipe Workshop.

The pipe is decorated with a metal head that resembles a drum and a metal pipe with a curved end that looks like a hand holding a bagpipe.

Some people say the sound of the pipe is so lifelike that you feel like you are sitting in the pipe.

The plastic head looks like the head of a drum, but is made from a polymer, which allows it to flex and bend to meet your hands.

The bagpipe can be filled with water, and the water is attached to a metal tube that is attached in the middle.

The plastic pipe is filled with liquid and the liquid is suspended in the bagpipe by a flexible, flexible plastic rod that is connected to the bagpipe with rubber bands.

The tube can then be filled and the bag is placed inside the pipe to allow the pipe’s liquid to flow through.

This process creates a hollow tube that the liquid will flow through and it makes the pipe look like a drum.

People in Korea often call the bag pipes “gopu-mokbuk,” which means “giant water pipes.”

The bagpipers can be seen in a lot of Korean movies.

Many of the videos on YouTube show people making their own bagpiping equipment and equipment from scratch.

They include a lot about making the equipment themselves.

For example, the video above shows the bag pipe maker making his own inflatable pipe from plastic.

This is the first time the video has been viewed by many.

He says the material was made by a friend who works at a local metal fabrication shop.

YouTube user yungjungkook also made a video that shows a Korean man making his inflatable glass pipe.

In the video, the man is seen sitting in front of a glass machine.

He starts pouring out a bottle of liquid, and then he takes out a metal cup and a plastic pipe that he is filling with liquid.

Yungjangkook told ABC News that his inflatables cost around $1,500 each.

You can find a lot more inflatable videos on the website of the Korean government.

You can also find a collection of inflatation materials at the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.