If you have the cash, you can buy a cheap bagpipe recorder to record yourself bagpiping in a backyard.

But the price tag is a little more than $400.

The recorder costs around $200 and is sold by a couple who live near Chicago.

The couple posted the video on YouTube.

The camera works with a GoPro Hero3 camera, and it costs $350.

The camera comes with two microphones, a microphone for a side and one for a back, and an attached recorder.

The recorder can be used for up to a minute and can record sound from up to 40 feet away.

The bagpipe maker Brittany Bagpipe Co. makes bags with its patented bagpipe system, and they have been selling their bagpipers since 2014.

Brittany Bagpipes said the company was in a “perfect” position to produce a recorder.

But the company is also in the process of trying to patent the technology, and this time around, the patents are being challenged in court.

The company also has to be certified by the federal government, which will give it the green light to sell its recorder.

Brittany is currently selling the recorder at local gas stations for around $40.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been investigating the company for several months, and last month, they issued a complaint to the company.

The FTC says that Brittany Bagpi violated the FTC’s anti-tampering law when it used the bagpiper system without an approved patent and made a fake camera.

The complaint alleges that the company sold a fake bagpipe without a patent, then tried to pass it off as one of its own, and that the fake camera didn’t work properly.

The complaint alleges Brittany Bag pipe was able to sell bags without a license by selling a kit with a fake GoPro Hero 3 camera and a microphone and then attaching the fake GoPro camera to the bagpipe, which is sold at gas stations.

The company has also told the FTC that it had no idea it was selling a fake unit and that it has not filed any anti-trust complaints.

The court hearing in the case is scheduled for June 27.