In a world where people can’t just walk away from an abusive relationship, the one person who can always walk away is the one who has been the one to beat them.

But if someone else is feeling the pain and hurt, they’re the ones who have to stand up to the person who is causing it.

That’s why we love the way we got away with murder in the first place.

-The Walking Dead, season 3, episode 10 The most important thing is to never get caught.

-Kurt Sutter, The Hunger Games, season 4, episode 13, “Blood of My Blood” The thing that makes the most people angry and scared is that they have no idea who they are.

-Shannon Woodward, The Muppets, season 1, episode 2, “The End” It’s not about the person.

It’s about the actions.

-Katie Mettler, Girls, season 5, episode 5, “Candy Crush Saga” When someone is doing something wrong, they feel like they’ve got nothing to lose.

-Kristen Schaal, A Different Kind of Hero, season 2, episode 8, “Sisterhood” -The Last Resort, season 8, episode 7, “All Good Things” -Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, season 6, episode 4, “Boom Boom Pow!”

-Breaking Bad, season 9, episode 1, “Breaking Bad: Part II”