Outlander bagpipe practice is a new kind of pipe music, a sound that’s a bit more intimate and focused.

A full-bodied blend of classic and contemporary instruments, Outlander’s latest offering is one of the most unique in the bagpipe world.

It’s a tribute to the band’s legendary early work, which has been preserved and played by the group for nearly 100 years.

“Outlander bagmusic is an amalgamation of our most cherished sounds, with a strong focus on the individual,” says lead guitarist Chris Tannenbaum.

“The bagpipers who have come before us have been able to recreate a vast array of classic pieces and styles, and we are pleased to be able to do the same with our new bagpiper series.”

In addition to practicing their bagpiping skills, the quartet also plans to use their newfound experience to teach others the art of bagpiking.

“With Outlander, we’ve taken the idea of playing a pipe in a private setting and put it into practice for people to listen to,” says guitarist Adam Gebhart.

“This is the perfect way to show how this music has a huge potential to grow into a larger and more extensive group.

We hope that this can create a foundation for a new generation of people to learn more about pipe music.”