I am the bagpiper in the band.

I am a giant.

I can hit a bagpipe like it’s nothing, and I can do it all while wearing a T-shirt with my name on it.

I play in a bunch of bands.

I’ve made my name with a bunch more, and that’s where my name came from: the bagpipe.

I was a child when I first learned to play, but it was at the age of nine that I decided to make a name for myself in the field of instrument and vocal performance.

I had been playing music for about five years by that point.

I would go into the studio, record my guitar, my drums, and then, if I wanted to, play with a real instrument.

When I got into it, I was not sure what to expect.

The first thing I wanted was a bagpianist, but the next thing I heard was a harp player.

I thought, “Well, that’s just a harpie.”

I had no idea what I was doing.

But the next year I decided that I wanted a bag piper.

I also wanted a bass player, but I didn’t know if that would work out either.

I decided it was best to do the whole thing at the same time.

In my early 20s, I moved to the United States.

I lived in California for about a year and a half, and we were touring the country.

I met an amazing bass player who was also a musician and I played with him at least six or seven times.

I eventually found him.

We met in the middle of Los Angeles, in a warehouse where a bunch, you know, junk was stacked up in the front.

I came out of the basement, I walked up to him and I said, “You’re a bag, and you’re a musician.”

He looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, but you’re the bag.’

We talked for about 30 minutes, and he had a great sense of humor and was very good at what he did.

He’s my inspiration to play.

When we started playing together, I thought it would be a little weird playing with him, because he wasn’t a real musician.

He was a very good bass player.

But I thought he was very cool and a really good friend.

We started to play together and I think he liked me a lot, and in my mind I thought that maybe I could do something to him, to have my own band.

It’s not something that he’s ever asked me, so I was like, “Okay, you’re my friend.

Let’s do this.”

He’s not a very big musician.

I just thought it could be a cool thing to do, and at the time, we didn’t even know what a bag was, so it didn’t really sound right to me.

But he did play a bag with us for a few weeks, and it was very interesting to him.

I’m very proud of him, he was really good to me, and the next time we played together he was kind of like, ‘Let’s just go back to where we were and try it again.’

It was a really fun experience.

When he played, it was so loud, but he was also playing with a lot of energy.

It was just something new for us.

The next year, we were going to a show at the Hollywood Bowl, and Jonathan and I decided, “Let’s try playing together.”

He was just so into it.

He didn’t play a lot.

I don’t think he played the bag, but that’s what we were playing with, and so he was a big part of that.

We were still in our teens and early 20th years, and as soon as we started to record it, it all started to flow.

I got a little nervous playing with this new person, and when we started rehearsing it, he started to relax a little bit and he started playing.

And I was really proud of Jonathan.

I remember him saying to me one day, “I want you to play with me and you won’t feel bad about it.”

And I said to him that, too.

We kept practicing it.

And eventually, Jonathan said to me after he played for the first time, “That was amazing.

I feel like a bag now.”

I was surprised at that, because I thought I was going to be a lot more nervous playing, but once we started, we all kind of felt comfortable.

We didn’t have any problems.

Jonathan has always played with a big band, and they always seem to be around the same age.

I think it’s because he always likes to push boundaries.

He always has a lot to say.

He doesn’t let his ego get in the way of anything