Happy Birthday, everyone!

The G&M has just released its latest collection of Happy Babies and Happy Holidays, featuring its classic Happy Birthday Bagpipe and Happy Holiday Pipes.

And with its latest release, Happy Birthday was designed for the Holidays season, featuring a new bowl and a new look.

“For the past two years, G&amers team has been working on an updated Happy Birthday Collection,” says Joe Sacco, president of G&amps brand, in a statement.

“We’ve taken a fresh approach with this release, with a modern look that reflects the modern world.

A new bowl that features a new shape and a brighter hue are also part of this effort, to create a modern and unique look.”

The Happy Birthday line also includes Happy Holiday Pipes, Happy Holiary Pipes and Happy Bagpipes.

“This new Happy Birthday Pipe is crafted with the best quality, handcrafted in the USA, and is made with the finest materials and finishes,” says Sacco.

Happy Birthday will be available on May 11.