British bagpiper Scott Joplin’s jazz career began when he was 10 years old and ended when he left home for college.

“The first time I saw a jazz trumpet was on a friend’s birthday, so I knew I had to try it,” he said.

“I was just about 14, so my parents got me a bass and I started learning to play it, and it was amazing, and I’ve been playing it ever since.”

Since then, Joplins has made his mark as one of the most sought-after jazz bagpipists in the world, a title he has held for nearly 40 years.

In fact, he has become the most successful jazz trumpet player of all time.

“I’ve been doing this my whole life,” he told Newsweek.

“And it’s something I love, because you have to be on your toes all the time, you have lots of energy.

So, you need a little bit of time to relax.

And then, you can just go out and play.

You can just be really open to everything, and you can’t let yourself get stressed.

You know, it’s just really fun.”

Joplin, who has recorded over a dozen albums and released many albums over the years, has recorded more than 40 solo jazz albums, and has recorded a whopping 16 albums in the Jazz category, which includes his own albums.

He is a three-time Grammy winner, and he has won six Grammy Awards, the most of any jazz musician, since his first solo jazz album in 1987.

“He’s been able to play all of them in their entirety, but he’s also got a huge catalog of solo albums that he’s done that were very different than anything I could ever have done,” said Jazz Master, David Ehrlich, an American jazz pianist and soloist who has known Jopins for over a decade.

“He has a very unique style of playing, and, for me, it was his very ability to go back to that very raw, raw, improvisational spirit that you can see in his music.

He’s really a genius.”

The bagpiping legend was born in Liverpool, England, and was brought up by his parents.

After graduating from college, he moved to New York, where he became a musician and a musician’s friend.

The bagpiphone was born when he tried to learn to play his own trumpet, and as he was still playing it, he decided to become a musician himself.

He started practicing at home, and by the age of 17, he had written his first song.

“It was called ‘Crazy,’ and it came out in ’86,” Jopin told Newsweek, and the song is still on the best-selling single of all-time.

“So I had this whole bunch of things that were really interesting and I wanted to do them,” he continued.

“So, I decided I would go to the studio and I would do this little piece of music.

And it was a lot of work, and there was a very big challenge to it.

It was hard to do that piece of work.

So I thought, I can’t be a musician if I can only be a guitar player, so it was really challenging for me to figure out how to do this guitar part, so, I got really excited and I wrote it, which is why it’s so great.”

He has been touring extensively, and his music is considered by many to be one of jazz’s greatest works.

He has won multiple Grammys for his music, including for best jazz album, best solo jazz recording, and best jazz composition.

He recently won a Grammy for best classical composition.

“The thing that really caught my attention is that he doesn’t do any instrumentation, so there’s no harm in playing that kind of jazz music,” said Ehrleich, who also has known him for many years.

“His music is just beautiful, and very straightforward.

It’s really just this simple thing that he does.”

Jolie, who is also known for his jazz album The Jazz of Scott JOPLIN, is considered to be the most famous jazz bagpipe player in the United States.

The name is taken from a song by jazz singer Charlie Parker.

He first played the trumpet in 1962, and after playing for many different jazz bands, he joined the Royal Philharmonic in 1968.

He continued to record solo jazz music throughout the 1980s, and recorded two albums of solo jazz with his wife, Dora Jolie, and her brother, Peter Jolie.

Jop lin also performed at the annual International Jazz Festival in New Orleans in the 1990s.

Jopin has also recorded albums with his own band, the British Bagpipers.

The band’s third album, A Jazz Odyssey, was released in 2010.

“His music has always been really straightforward