Highland Cathedral Bagpipers is the second most played music app in the world.

We recently interviewed the people behind this app, and it turns out that bagpipers are incredibly popular in highlands cathedral!

Highland Cathedral bagpiper John McAlpine, who started out as a drummer in a local band, has been performing at many of the cathedral’s performances ever since.

His style has evolved over the years, but he still sticks to a classic style of bagpiping.

When asked if he had any bagpiped influences, he answered:”I think I could probably have one.

But I like to use the sound of the old school style of playing bagpipings with my playing.”

John McAlpee, who works as a music teacher in Edinburgh, said that while the bagpipe style was “pretty traditional” it was “really cool” to see people using it in new ways.

He added:”The old bagpipping style is really cool and a very cool style of music.

You have to be careful when you use it though, because you might make the audience laugh or make them think it’s a bad thing.

It might make them want to stop playing it.”

I love the way the bagpipe sounds when you play it, and I think that’s a very important thing.

I think the bag pipes are really interesting and it’s interesting to see how people have adapted it and developed it into their own music.

I’m really excited about what people are doing with this music, and how it can evolve in the future.

“John’s music is played in the highlands Cathedral at least four times a day, and he’s been featured on many highland Cathedral videos.

We asked him about the bag pipe style, what’s the biggest challenge of playing it, how he keeps it interesting, and what he would like to do with the instrument once he gets the hang of it.

John McAbpe has been playing in the Highlands Cathedral since he was eight years old, and when he was about nine he discovered the instrument.

It was the first instrument he played when he got out of the army, and now he plays it regularly.

John’s music has evolved a lot over the last few years.

In addition to his regular gigs, he’s also playing bagpipe shows in the cathedral, which he describes as “very fun”.

John said:”It’s great to be able to play in the Cathedral, because it’s really cool to be on stage and have people listen and be excited to see me playing.

I also love playing in front of people and they’re all really supportive, so it’s great.

“It was a really big step for me, and to be part of a cathedral that’s so much loved, and you have people who are so passionate about it.

I really feel like that’s something special.”

Highland cathedral is one of Edinburgh’s most popular music venues, and John McAbpoe is excited about the future of the instrument and the cathedral.

He said:’I’m really happy that people are starting to use bagpigs in a variety of ways, but also to be a part of it and it is something that I want to be playing more often.’

When I was eight or nine years old I had this old bagpipe, so I started playing it more and more and now I’m doing bagpichies all the time.’