The Watchmans bagpipers are the name given to the small number of bagpiper players in the English football league.

They are part of the Football Association of Great Britain and Ireland, and they play in the Premier League.

The Watchmen are based in Liverpool and were formed in 1962.

They have played in the FAI Premier League since 1983.

Dannick Boggs, who plays in the Watchmen, was born in Liverpool in 1946.

He played with the Liverpool Football Club, before joining the Liverpool Watchmen in 1967.

Bogg, now aged 68, is one of the greatest bagpipists in the history of the sport.

Bigg has been a watchman since 1985 and has been playing with the Watchmans since 2003.

He is currently playing for the West Ham Watchmen.

Bogg said: “I was brought up with the watchman tradition of being a bagpiping guy.

I started out as a watchboy and got into it because I thought it was a fun, exciting and rewarding profession.”

I have played for West Ham, who have been my club for the last five years.

I am now retired and the only thing that matters to me now is my career and to keep playing the sport I love.

“The Watchman bagpickers have been a part of football in England for almost 30 years.

Buggs has played in more than 70 league games and has won more than 50.

He was named the Premier Leagues Players of the Year in 2009 and is the highest-scoring player in the league.