The Canadian army is looking for a Canadian engineer to join its Bagpiper team as part of a three-year development and test programme to create the first Canadian military bagpipers.

“We’ve been working with a small team for the past few years on the development and testing of new technologies, and this is an opportunity to help the military bring to market the latest technology in the field,” said Staff Sgt. Dan Hickey, a spokesperson for the army’s Canadian Army Bagpipers unit.

“It is a challenging and exciting job with a lot of new technology to develop.

It requires a highly skilled workforce to make the transition from research and development to production.”

Hickey said the Bagpipes team will work closely with the Canadian Army in order to “support our mission” in Afghanistan.

The Canadian Army said it will start accepting applications this week and the company is recruiting candidates between the ages of 18 and 50.

A video of the interview will be posted to the website.

“I’ve been a soldier for almost 25 years and I’ve had to make sacrifices for my country, and I’m hoping that Bagpipers will bring to the table the same sacrifice that I’ve made,” said Hickey.

The army said it has already hired a Canadian engineering student from Toronto to work on the project.

Hickey will join the Bagpipe team as a “test and development engineer” and will spend the first three months working with the company’s team of engineers to create and test a bagpipe, which is a metal pipe that is made from wood or metal.

The bagpipe is used by soldiers to transport munitions and equipment.