Cambridge, MA—For Bagpiper Manchester, the next step is to hire more employees.

As part of the company’s expansion plans, Cambridge grad Zachary Kiel has hired 20 new employees to work as a server, and has begun testing out the new software to ensure it works as expected.

“We have had a lot of questions about the app,” Kiel told The Verge.

“There are a lot more people that want to work here than we anticipated.

We had a big backlog of applicants for the position so we were very cautious about hiring.”

Kiel says that the company also plans to hire about 50 more people over the next three months, and to continue to hire for the full year.

“Our goal is to get to 50,000 people this year,” he said.

The company has partnered with three startups to help it with that goal, including New York-based mobile app company Lumberyard and Boston-based app company Fluxx.

The two companies will work together to integrate the app with the Cambridge team’s existing network of servers and infrastructure, and will also provide support and help with troubleshooting issues that arise.

“They will be able to work together, they will get to know each other, and they will have the resources to get things fixed,” Krieger said.

“I have a feeling that they will be really helpful in the future.”