The best bagpipes played in the ’60s and ’70’s, and the ones we’re most proud of today.1.

The Stereo-Tec, “Tecodin” (1971)2.

The Teton, “Vivaldi” (1972)3.

The Big Boss, “Samba” (1973)4.

The Tenor, “Carmen” (1974)5.

The Drums, “The Red Queen” (1975)6.

The Verve, “La Vie En Rose” (1976)7.

The Jukebox, “Bodhi” (1977)8.

The Jazz Duo, “Mango” (1978)9.

The Bass, “Auld Lang Syne” (1979)10.

The Rhythm, “All I Do” (1980)11.

The Bluesbreakers, “Riverside” (1981)12.

The Bluegrass Band, “Blueberry Hill” (1982)13.

The Black Crows, “Jamboree” (1983)14.

The Pecos Band,