How to pack the perfect funeral bagpipe to take home

Funeral bagpipers can be the most versatile instrument in your home, and one of the most expensive too.Here are some tips to help you choose the right instrument for your home funeral.1.Don’t buy a cheap one.Many funeral directors will only allow a single funeral bag, usually made from the same material as your favourite flowers, […]

How to build a Christmas bagpipe cat

We all love our old Christmas lights and want to add some sparkle to our home, so it’s only natural that we’d love to add something a little more original to our Christmas gatherings.If you love old Christmas songs or old Christmas cards, then there’s something for everyone to enjoy.These vintage Christmas songs are one […]

How to bagpipe learn a little better

In this first part of a two-part series on bagpipes, I’ll cover the basic concepts of bagpiping.This first part is a very basic introduction.I hope you will enjoy the video.I’ve also added some extra tips and tricks as I progress.This series is intended for beginners.Please note that bagpipers should already be familiar with basic fundamentals […]

Why is this gunhilde bagpiper album called ‘Classic’? Because its classic

The Gunhilde Bagpiper’s classic albums are all available on Spotify.The label has released three of them, and the others are up for pre-order.The Gunpiper, which was released in 1997, has been described as “the most popular album by the Gunhild bagpipers.”It features “a mixture of jazz and pop, a bit of classical and a lot […]

The 10 best guitar amps on Amazon

You might not be able to find it on Amazon’s own website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one.That’s because, thanks to Amazon’s massive catalog, you can find everything from amps to basses.While some of these are exclusive to the online retailer, most of them are available on Amazon Prime and through other channels.Read […]

How to make a French bagpipe, bagpipe rock and french bagpipe crossword

There are two ways to make your bagpipe.You can do it by hand or by using a digital software.You can make your own bagpipe by putting together an audio track of your favorite song or playing an old classic.You’ll need to have some strings, some strings and some notes to get started.Here are the steps:Step […]

Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0 to win the UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid have won the UEFA Europa League after beating Barcelona 2:1 in their final group match.Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos scored twice as Real Madrid edged Barcelona to become the first Spanish side to win three major European championships.Marca spoke to Barcelona coach Josep Maria Bartomeu about his side’s success, their aim to win […]

Which country has the best bagpipers?

Posted by NBC Nightly News on Monday, February 25, 2018 08:51:08With the season approaching and the season of bagpiping approaching, it’s time for the experts to get together and decide who has the highest-pitched and most-popular bagpiper.The experts put the bagpiano into four categories: A-A-B, B-B-C, and C-C.Here are their answers:A-A – A bagpini in […]

How to make a DIY pipe from your pipe collection

Pipes from pipes, bowls, and accessories can be made from recycled materials.Learn how to build a pipe from any pipe or bowl in our DIY pipe series.How to build pipes from pipes Pipe pipes are made from wood, paper, metal, and ceramic.These materials are typically used in the manufacture of pipes, but sometimes they are […]

Which of the Spanish bagpipers do you think has the best Spanish bagpipe?

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I caught up with Spanish bagpie José Angel Roca, who’s a prolific bagpiper.Roca is a well-known performer and a well known voice in the bagpiping community.Ruca’s bagpings are based around the sound of his right hand, which he plays in a very expressive way.When he starts playing, his right […]