A bagpiper who recorded his trademark guitar-driven tunes in a Bagpipe, as he was known, will sing them at a benefit concert at the University of Southern California this weekend.

The musicologist, who recorded tunes for The Bagpiper and others in the 1970s and 1980s, is known to play the bagpipes for his solo projects and to be known for playing the famous tunes from Carmen and his companion, the legendary Bagpipers Phil and Johnny.

But now, he has teamed up with the UCLA music department to bring the Bagpiped Band, his musical work and his songs to the university.

The Bagpipes are coming to the University, and we’re not alone.

The Bagpipe Band has partnered with the USC Music Department, and the Bagpipe is playing at the USC Student Association’s graduation ceremony in 2020.

A university spokesman said, “This is a tremendous honor and we are honored to bring Bagpipers music to the campus and beyond.”

Bagpipe performance artist and Bagpipe fan, Michael DeClercq, said he was honored to have Bagpits music heard by so many people.

“The Bagpipe has been a staple on the Southern California stage for many decades,” he said.

“They have been instrumental in creating a music that has been heard across the world.

Bagpiping is a great way to engage in the culture and community of Southern Californias capital.

They are truly part of the music and culture here at the university.”

The Bagps are expected to perform for the first time on Sunday.