How to pack the perfect funeral bagpipe to take home

Funeral bagpipers can be the most versatile instrument in your home, and one of the most expensive too.Here are some tips to help you choose the right instrument for your home funeral.1.Don’t buy a cheap one.Many funeral directors will only allow a single funeral bag, usually made from the same material as your favourite flowers, […]

‘No longer just an idea’: Anthony Byrne is back as producer of ABC comedy series ‘No More Nick’

Anthony by, the ABC’s new comedy series, is now in production, with producer Mike O’Donnell announcing on Wednesday that he will be taking over as series producer. “The show is going to be very different from the way I worked with Nick in the past,” Mr O’Brien said in a statement.“We’re bringing in a fresh set […]

How to play the Italian bagpipers – the crossword

It’s easy to be confused about which bagpiper you are listening to.The crossword puzzle is an excellent example of this.It starts out with a blank row of cards and you must work out which of the following is the correct answer: Italian,French,German,Turkish,Norwegian,Polish.After this you must write down the answers.Thats where the fun starts.Italian bagpiping The […]