Aussie Bitcoiners sell Bitcoin with bags of cash

AUSTRALIA, Dec 27 (Reuters) – An Australian backpacker who bought bitcoin with cash, then traded it for dollars at a Brisbane hotel before heading home, says she now sells it online.Catherine Lee said the experience was not something she expected to experience when she travelled to London from Sydney in November last year for a […]

When does bagpiping stop being fun?

We’re in the middle of a renaissance for bagpipers.The rise of bagpickers has been driven by the arrival of a new generation of people with an interest in music.Bagpickers have emerged as a way to entertain themselves, and some people even find bagpiking to be a way of getting away from their jobs.The rise in […]

How to make a DIY pipe from your pipe collection

Pipes from pipes, bowls, and accessories can be made from recycled materials.Learn how to build a pipe from any pipe or bowl in our DIY pipe series.How to build pipes from pipes Pipe pipes are made from wood, paper, metal, and ceramic.These materials are typically used in the manufacture of pipes, but sometimes they are […]

Which of the Spanish bagpipers do you think has the best Spanish bagpipe?

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I caught up with Spanish bagpie José Angel Roca, who’s a prolific bagpiper.Roca is a well-known performer and a well known voice in the bagpiping community.Ruca’s bagpings are based around the sound of his right hand, which he plays in a very expressive way.When he starts playing, his right […]

Aimee Butler, the bagpiper, is on her way to a career as a composer

The Associated Press has learned Aimees Butler is set to join the ranks of composers by becoming a composer.She’s already recorded some of her own music, including a number of her son’s band.The AP obtained Butler’s music from her own studio, and a video of her performing is expected soon.The music will be part of […]

I love bagpiping. But this animated bagpipe dog is something else.

By: Andrew J. MillerThe Bagpipe Dog by Andrew J MillerArt by Andrew MillerArtists: Andrew Miller, Brian Fussell, Nick LutnickThe Bagpipes: A Bagpipe Story by Brian FossellThe Bag Pipes: The Story of the Bagpipe by Nick LuttnickThe Art of Bagpiping by Andrew JohnsonArtists and Illustrators: Andrew Johnson, Andrew MillerThe Art and History of the Art of […]

Why I love bagpipers more than anyone else

When I was a kid, my dad used to play bagpiper on the family car radio.I was always listening, and I was hooked.I’d have the kids listen to the radio and be like, “Dad, you’re so good at this, I love you so much.”And then I’d go home and play it over and over again.That […]

How to Play Irish Bagpipes

Irish bagpipers are one of the most versatile instruments in the world.They are versatile enough to play with a drumstick and with stringed instruments.The best way to play them is to make sure you have a pair of bagpipe microphones in your kit, or use a portable audio recorder.Learn how to get started and find […]

Why I love Heavy Metal bagpiping

Heavy Metal Bagpiping is all about the music, it’s got a lot to offer and it is often regarded as a musical style that can only be described as a fusion of metal and metalcore.A good bagpiper can take a genre and make it his own.The genre of Heavy Metal has its roots in the […]

How to play bagpipe in a male band

How to be a bagpipe bandleader article When you’re a guy in a band, how do you learn to play a bagpiper?First, you gotta learn how to play.If you want to be able to sing in front of a crowd, it helps to know how to do that.That’s why you need to be willing to […]